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Costa Rica is truly one of the best destinations to travel to. 

From its dense jungles to its amazing beaches, this Central American gem is a traveler’s paradise and you want to enjoy every moment you are traveling in it. 

You want to use the best shuttle company in Costa Rica and that is by far MyPinkBus. 

They have the best shared rides and I will tell you exactly what makes them the best shuttle company in Costa Rica. 

Unlike other services that cancel trips with low bookings, MyPinkBus travels even when there’s only one passenger booked. That means, that as a traveller, you don’t have to worry about last-minute cancellations that can mess up your travel plans.

My whole experience of traveling with MyPinkBus was outstanding and one of a kind. I get to the airport in the middle of this tropical paradise and their dispatch has already contacted me to let me know my exact pick-up time and other live updates regarding our ride. 

Costa Rica’s main airport in San Jose, SJO InternationaI is one of the busiest airports in Central America. Millions of travelers every year and hundreds of shuttles come through SJO airport every day to pick up travelers from around the world. 

As I leave the airport gates the first thing that gets my attention is this eye-catching, modern-looking pink shuttle. Completely different from the sea of white shuttles outside the airport. Unlike many travelers around me who looked lost and confused, I immediately knew which one was my shared ride company I will be traveling in around Costa Rica. 

The driver was very nice, helped us out with our luggage, and checked us in. 

As I settle into my seat I am greeted by a nice branded water bottle compliments of MyPinkBus which was nice to get after going through customs at the airport and waiting for my luggage for so long. On each seat, there was this super fresh-smelling comfy pillow. That helped us get comfortable in our seats and start this trip enjoying the scenery of huge hills that roll into jungles. 

How amazing it is to start my travel in Costa Rica in a comfortable bus that has reclinable seats and a lot of legroom to get comfortable for the trip ahead.

Just at the perfect time, the driver made a stop. MyPinkBus has this policy to take the time and stop for 15 minutes every 2 hours so we can stretch our legs and breathe in the invigorating mountain air. Taking some fresh jungle Costa Rican air for a few minutes and sipping a fresh Costa Rican coffee was exactly what we needed before we continued with our journey.

Once we got back on the road I took some time to catch up on my social media and emails. I was relieved and amazed that there was a charger next to each seat and by how fast the speed of the WiFi was so took this opportunity to also catch up on some work. 

It was so relaxing to do it all while looking out the window at the most amazing mountain regions and cascades.

By the end of our journey, we got to our destination. It was nice to get dropped off right at the door step of my hotel. 

My journey has started in the best way possible, and it started with the best shuttle company in Costa Rica, MyPinkBus.

I’ve traveled a lot in Central America. If you want a shared ride, MyPinkBus is the way to go.

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