La Fortuna Travel Guide

Welcome to the captivating town of La Fortuna in beautiful Costa Rica. Nestled in the heart of Central America, this place is far from a hidden gem.

It’s a destination that has drawn travelers like a magnet, and for good reason.

La Fortuna is about natural beauty, and the iconic Arenal Volcano is its crown jewel. This majestic volcano, one of the most active in the world, has shaped the region’s destiny.

Now, let’s talk about what to do once you’re here. Arenal Volcano is the star attraction, but the La Fortuna Waterfall is another must-visit.

A hike through lush surroundings takes you to this 70-meter marvel. It’s worth every step, even in the tropical heat.

For some relaxation, don’t miss the Arenal Hot Springs. If you’re an adventure seeker, consider zip-lining through the rainforest – it’s practically a rite of passage here.

And for the chocolate lovers, there’s even a chocolate tour.

La Fortuna may not be a hidden paradise, but it’s a paradise nonetheless. So, whether you’re a budget traveler or ready to splurge, La Fortuna welcomes you with open arms.

Enjoy your stay!

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Safety & Security

La Fortuna, like many places, is generally safe at night. Yet, it's always wise to exercise the same caution you would in any city. Avoid solo night strolls, stick to well-lit areas, and keep your valuables discreet. Opt for card payments over carrying cash and stay vigilant of your surroundings. Your safety is a priority, so embrace your adventure while staying smart.

Signal & Wifi

Want to stay connected during your La Fortuna adventure? Consider grabbing a Costa Rican SIM card for local internet access. You can either use an extra unlocked smartphone or convert your primary phone, but that means you'll have a local Costa Rican number. Kolbi SIM cards are a popular choice, readily available in both LIR and SJO airports and around town. They're budget-friendly; just make sure to carry your passport when purchasing. Be sure to check for local cell signal coverage in the La Fortuna/Arenal area with Kolbi to keep those travel updates flowing.

Payment Essentials

When it comes to currency in La Fortuna, you'll find that most tourism-related businesses, shops, and markets readily accept USD. However, keep in mind that the exchange rate may vary depending on where you go, although it typically hovers close to the bank exchange rate. In La Fortuna, it's quite common to see prices quoted in USD at eateries, bars, and excursion offices. But if you venture to San Jose, where tourists are less frequent, you can expect most "daily product" prices to be quoted in colones. It's always handy to have some local currency on hand for those charming, cash-only places.

Getting Around

Explore La Fortuna's downtown area on foot for easy access to its central attractions, with the main bus station located near the Mega Super market. If you plan to venture beyond the town center, consider renting a car to access Arenal's diverse attractions at your own pace. For affordable shared shuttle options, EasyHop offers rides starting at $3 USD to 13-14 different locations, while La Choza Inn Hostel provides an unlimited daily pass for $15 USD covering six sites. Taxis, both red taxis and Uber, are readily available, with estimated fares of at least $15 USD to the Fortuna Waterfall and $20 USD to the national park, making transportation convenient and flexible for your explorations.

Things to do in La Fortuna

Arenal Volcano

Discover the majestic Arsenal Volcano, the crown jewel of La Fortuna’s natural wonders. While reaching its summit can be a bit challenging and may entail additional expenses, the views are well worth it.

Budget travelers can still appreciate the volcano’s splendor from a distance, as it’s around 6km from La Fortuna on one side and over 20km on the other. Note that there are hiking trails, but they often come with entrance fees and possible charges for access.

For a hassle-free and immersive experience, opt for a guided tour. These tours not only provide reliability but also offer an in-depth exploration of the volcano and its stunning surroundings.

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La Fortuna Waterfall

During your La Fortuna visit, embark on a memorable 5.5km trek to the La Fortuna Waterfall, a 70-75m natural wonder nestled at the foot of the dormant Chato Volcano, offering uninterrupted volcano views along the way. Biking is an option if available, as the path is mostly flat. Park entry costs $15 per person, including a ten-minute descent and a twenty-minute return hike, with a well-marked but occasionally slippery trail due to humidity. This journey is a must-do, culminating in the breathtaking beauty of the waterfall.

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Tabacón Hot Springs

Tabacón Hot Springs, a La Fortuna favorite, immerses you in nature’s embrace with its natural thermal springs winding through lush gardens. Featuring five distinct springs, the waters range from a soothing 72°F to a therapeutic 105°F (22°C to 40°C), ensuring a perfect soak for everyone. The main area offers a swim-up bar and a thrilling waterslide for added luxury. For a more serene experience, secluded pools in the lower section provide mesmerizing views of the Arenal Volcano. Discover tropical relaxation at Tabacón Hot Springs.

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Rainforest Zip-lining

Zip-lining in Costa Rica? It’s practically a rite of passage! Even for those afraid of heights (guilty here), the thrill is worth it. While not the most budget-friendly activity, there are affordable options like “Canopy Vista Arenal,” although their current status is uncertain. If you spot them in a brochure, go for it – they provided a fantastic experience with a tasty fruit treat to top it off! Don’t miss out on this exhilarating Costa Rican adventure.

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