Manuel Antonio Travel Guide

Welcome to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica—a coastal gem known for its luxury resorts, vibrant wildlife, and stunning beaches.

Nestled in the Central and South Pacific regions of Costa Rica, this area boasts some of the country’s best white sand beaches and bright blue waters.

Manuel Antonio Beach, Biesanz Beach, Espadilla Sur, and Espadilla Norte are the main beaches in Manuel Antonio.

It’s important to note that to access the beaches within Manuel Antonio National Park, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee. However, Biesanz, Espadilla Norte, and Playitas are free to access as they lie outside the park boundaries.

If you’re looking for beach activities and water sports, Playa Espadilla Norte is the place to be. You can enjoy parasailing, jet skiing, surfing, and swimming here.

Plus, you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas for ultimate relaxation. It’s a hotspot for tourists due to its accessibility and breathtaking beauty. But Manuel Antonio is not just about beaches but also adventure and wildlife.

The renowned Manuel Antonio National Park offers hiking trails, wildlife encounters, and pristine beaches. You can’t miss a visit here to soak in the natural beauty and marvel at the diverse flora and fauna.

For thrill-seekers, Manuel Antonio offers white-water rafting adventures on the Savegre and Naranjo rivers.

The region is also famous for its sailing cruises from Quepos Marina, providing opportunities for snorkeling and wildlife spotting.

Speaking of wildlife, Manuel Antonio is a haven for nature enthusiasts. You’ll encounter monkeys, sloths, white-faced and howler monkeys, iguanas, and raccoons.

Many hotels in the area have wildlife rights, allowing you to enjoy these fascinating creatures from your balcony or poolside.

Whether planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, you’ll find the perfect place to stay.

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Safety & Security

Safety is a top priority in Manuel Antonio. Although the area is known for its overall safety, it's still essential to take precautions. Concealing your valuables, such as passports, electronics, and cash, is advisable. Most accommodations, like hotels and condos, provide personal safes for this purpose.While the town has a strong police presence and is generally safe for visitors, it's important not to draw undue attention to yourself by displaying flashy jewelry or carrying large sums of cash.

Signal & Wifi

In Manuel Antonio, expect limited high-speed internet options. Unlike larger areas, cable internet is unavailable. Most use ADSL, with ICE's "@acelera" being the fastest.Wireless networks are common but may not offer high speeds. Specific speeds at places like Villas Mymosa can be uncertain.In the high season, finding $1000/month rentals with high-speed internet is challenging, but the green season may have better choices.

Payment Essentials

Money in Manuel Antonio is straightforward. Many places readily accept USD, but expect change in Colones. It's smart to carry a mix of USD and Colones obtained from ATMs, as many dispense both currencies. While most places take credit cards, some smaller businesses and restaurants prefer cash, so having some on hand is advisable.

Getting around

Getting around Manuel Antonio is a breeze.Bikes & Scooters: For the adventurous, bike rentals from hotels and roadside stands cost around $15 per day. Keep in mind, the hilly road between Quepos and Manuel Antonio can be a challenging ride.Taxis: Taxis are plentiful and convenient. Look for official red taxis with a bright yellow sign, but don't forget to negotiate the fare before hopping in to secure the best deal.

Things to do in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park

Discover a must-experience adventure in Manuel Antonio by exploring its renowned national park, hailed by Forbes as one of the world’s most beautiful. This ecological treasure trove boasts meticulously maintained hiking trails, offering a perfect blend of lush jungle and pristine beaches, all teeming with captivating wildlife.

The national park welcomes visitors from Wednesday to Monday, with an entrance fee of $16 USD plus tax per adult foreigner. Ensure you secure your tickets in advance through the SINAC website.

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White Water Rafting

Delve into thrilling outdoor excitement with white water rafting! Manuel Antonio offers rafting experiences in El Chorro, Naranjo, or Savegre. El Chorro, ideal for extreme and seasoned rafters, is at its prime in March and April. Naranjo, operating from June to November, provides another exhilarating option. Meanwhile, Savegre offers year-round adventures and is particularly well-suited for beginners and families.

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Catamaran Cruise

Explore the ocean with a captivating sunset cruise or a snorkeling adventure. An exciting way to savor the breathtaking coastal panoramas and maybe even spot some dolphins. If you happen to visit during the peak humpback whale season in Costa Rica (August and September), you might even catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures during your journey.

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Enjoy thrilling parasailing on Playa Espadilla Norte, just outside the national park in Manuel Antonio, for unparalleled aerial vistas of the park. Reserve your spot in advance, especially during the high season (December to April). Aguas Azules offers fantastic parasailing tours we highly recommend.

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