Playa Venao Travel Guide

Welcome to Playa Venao, the captivating horseshoe-shaped bay in the Pedasi District, where consistent waves dance with diverse interests to create a paradise for all.

Nestled on the Pacific side of Panama’s Los Santos province, Playa Venao is a hidden gem near Pedasi, a town that provides conveniences and shopping.

Yet, the glamour of Playa Venao draws visitors—an island where the lush jungle meets the sky-blue ocean, an incredible beachside ambiance for travelers.

Central to Playa Venao is a captivating 2-mile crescent-shaped beach acclaimed as one of Panama’s premier surf destinations.

The jungle melds effortlessly with the sea, crafting an untouched picture of rolling hills and year-round waves perfect for all skill levels.

Discover Playa Venao’s essence with My Pink Bus, your travel companion that infuses flair into your adventures. Start on a journey that unveils the soul of this coastal paradise, capturing moments against an unforgettable backdrop.

As you venture deeper, you’ll discover Playa Venao’s essence—the stunning beachfront inviting you to enjoy its golden sands and ride the waves.

Find tranquility in the surrounding nature or explore nearby coastal attractions that showcase the area’s natural beauty.

Playa Venao is more than just a destination—it’s a haven for surf enthusiasts, a place of relaxation, and an open space for exploration.

Whether you’re chasing waves, soaking up the sun, or embracing local culture, Playa Venao offers a unique journey.

Whether you’re a surfer, nature lover, or simply seeking paradise, Playa Venao provides an extraordinary experience beyond the ordinary.

Upcoming events in Playa Venao

Safety & Security

Playa Venao offers a safe environment, appreciated by both locals and visitors. The prevailing sense of tranquility encourages a practice of leaving homes and vehicles unlocked. Nonetheless, exercising caution and employing common-sense safety measures, as with any destination, is advisable.

Signal & Wifi

While Playa Venao is celebrated for its serene ambiance, it's important to note that the internet connection can vary. Many accommodations offer Wi-Fi, but speeds may differ from what you're accustomed to in urban areas. If staying connected is essential, consider preparing with mobile data options or offline maps to navigate the area conveniently.

Payment Essentials

While Playa Venao offers an increasing range of amenities, it's wise to have cash on hand for smaller establishments without card facilities. Keep in mind that there are no ATMs in Playa Venao. The closest one is in Pedasi, a 30-minute drive away. Some restaurants accept credit cards, but for broader financial services, consider nearby towns like Las Tablas or Chitre.

Getting around

Revel in Playa Venao's beauty while navigating its surroundings. The town is approximately a six-hour drive from Panama City and sits on the southern edge of the Azuero Peninsula. The nearby Pedasi, a mere 30-minute drive away, provides a hub for essentials like grocery shopping and medical services. Should you desire a wider range of shopping and amenities, Las Tablas and Chitre are within reach, offering comprehensive options for your convenience.

Things to do in Playa Venao

Isla Iguana

Experience tranquility in Playa Venao’s surf haven. Discover peaceful Isla Iguana, an enchanting island near Pedasi, known for its calm waters. Selina provides a direct $42 tour, including transport, a boat ride, refreshments, and more—an ideal escape from the surf for a serene day on the island.

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La Playita “Secret Beach”

Discover the hidden gem of Playa Venao—La Playita. While not exactly a secret, its pristine waters and soft sands captivate. Plan your visit with the tide schedule for optimal enjoyment. Head towards Selina on the beach, then follow a path for about 20 minutes to Playita Resort. A $5 day pass grants access to this tranquil oasis.

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Selina Playa Venao

Immerse yourself in the heart of Playa Venao’s vibrant energy at Selina. This beachfront haven offers a myriad of experiences, from cozy accommodations to an array of events and activities. With a welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect base for exploring the wonders of Playa Venao and its surroundings.

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El Rio Encantado

Experience nature in its full glory at El Rio Encantado. Stay in an enchanting treehouse next to a river in the Chiriqui province. Embrace the modern facilities of this ecological resort, featuring a uniquely designed treehouse, fully-equipped cabins, a family pool with a bar, walking trails, hanging bridges, and an archaeology museum. Venture to hot springs, petroglyphs, and beautiful hiking spots in the vicinity.

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